Laurie Cameron- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Darlene Love sings this somewhat sad Christmas song with a bit more of a positive twist to it than Miss Laurie Cameron, but I still like it. I almost think the slower, more melancholy version suits it a bit better.

Almost makes me wish I had a lover to miss? What? Pathetic. Yeah right. I'm too busy planning the design of my gingerbread house and what Land-O-Lakes Hot Chocolate packet (It's a toss up between Hazelnut and Mint) to use for my next cup of the wolds best holiday beverage (behind Whole Food's Egg Nog that comes in a glass bottle) to be getting all down in the dumps during the Holidays. Did I use too many parenthesis? I don't even care.

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Neesh said...

i'm offically obsessed with this song. thanks cahoon.