The NBA on TNT

So I'm a fan of basketball. Have been since I was a young gun. I got fanatical as a ten year old, played ball in high school and then took a couple years off and didn't follow it at all. After that brief hiatus I slowly got back into it and now I'll admit I'm a serious fan. I don't play as much as I would like (even though I just got back from playing with my cousins and my brother) but I still really enjoy playing a competitive game of hoops when I can. With the NBA just barely getting back into full swing after the lockout I must say I'm quite happy with the return. And I'm quite happy with this little video. It does a real nice job of mixing the old with the new. Almost to the point you really have to pay attention to each screen shot and see what is old footage and what is new. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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