Too much fun.

This past week has been crazy. For some reason it seems like everyone I know is out visiting. I love it. It also makes it extremely difficult to be productive. I live here, I'm not on vacation; although when they're here I seem to be. Crap.

Picture 1: Waimea Bay was out of control fun these past few days. There is nothing better than bodysurfing there with a group of your friends and your favorite pair of churchill fins. Here is Evan and his favorite pair.
Picture 2: If you're ever in Haleiwa and need a sandwich, do yourself a favor and get a Turkey Pesto Sandwich at Waialua Bakery. You will thank me you did and you'll be 110% satisfied. The Swim family do a great job with everything there whether its a smoothie or a chocolate chip cookie. Radical.
Picture 3: Our buddy Jeff Johnson got married which is what brought a majority of the people visiting out to Hawaii. Here is Evan making a weird (normal for him) face as we wait for them to step outside.
Picture 4: Ghent, Taylor & I stopped by the Hannemann compound for some Lasagna and a tutorial on their favorite t.v. show called X Factor. Seth even conned Ghent into a foot rub (no shame & typical). The apartment was teeming with the raddest kids on earth.
Picture 5: Turtle Bay resort after a little hot tub session.
Picture 6: Ashley, Kelliann, Lauren, & Ghent.
Picture 7: Waimea Bay at its best.

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