de Ville Cliff
I moved to a city. Salt Lake City to be exact. I live in a pretty nice area with a couple good friends and my situation is pretty comfortable. The apartment was recently renovated so everything is new. I have a balcony with a neat view and some really fun people that live quite close to me. The set up is ideal. Sure I miss Hawaii but all is well. I'll get back there soon enough. I'm lucky that there happens to be a lot of opportunity here for me. That coupled with the fact my brother and sisters live within an hour of me (not to mention a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles) and for some reason a lot of good friends have migrated this way for school or careers or whatnot which makes this move a bit more logical. I'm just stoked on the fact I can drive 10 hours north and be in Canada with my family or drive 10 hours south and be in California (where I grew up) with my friends and warm weather. Splitting the diff isn't so bad.

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