Driving & Moving
So about a week ago I packed up my stuff, put it in the back of a vehicle and drove south. I passed right through Montana (which is what you see above) and continued on down to Salt Lake City. This is weird. But I like it and the change is good. I haven't had a location change as permanent as this for quite some time. I've bounced back and forth from Hawaii and the mainland for summer breaks or the occasional semester off to work since 2005 but this move is big for me. I did it on my own free will and even though I'm in a cold, awkward place (relatively speaking) I like the change. I'm not happy about being away from my home in Hawaii but I know I'll be back out there soon enough and my goal is to end up back out there so all is well. In the meantime, I wear more layers of clothing and live right in the middle of a city. Different but neat. Plus my new place is new and perfectly located. Double bonus.

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