Jace- 3D is for Suckers

I met Jace last year through my friend Devin. Even though we didn't get to hang out much before I took of for the summer, I have really enjoyed seeing the projects Jace works on. He has some incredible talent when it comes to editing, photography, and videography. Here are a few of his favorite pictures of 2011 with a little bit of a twist to them. My favorites are of the hike Stairway to Heaven. He did a great job showing the incredible depth, height, and verticalness of the hike. Well done Jace. I like his music selection too. I'll post more about Awolnation in the future. Promise.


heather said...

this is such a rad vid. i'm so proud of your friend. love the hawaii pics.

Anonymous said...

landscapes look saweeet.. i like how zero dimensional jace made those people at the temple. 3D obvs wasn't for those suckers. ..

T.RIPPY said...

That one from Stairway with the rainbow and the lights and all made me stomach flip, like in a good way.