The Jealous Sound

I got to re-live the good 'ol high school days and see one of my favorite bands fromt that era. They recently released a new album called, "A Gentle Reminder". I really like it. The first track proves they haven't moved away from their classic sound. Nate Mendel who you might know from Sunny Day Real Estate (original basist) and The Foo Fighters (current basist) played base on the record. He is busy winning grammy's so he was only involved with the recording and not the subsequent tour. I like how all the old school bands I liked back in the day are intermingled and intertwined and linked. I should make some flow charts to show where everyone went and the overlap between bands. Could be neat. Anyways, the show was great. The drums hit hard, the vocals were just what you would expect, and overall it was great to hear those songs played live.

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