Camping in the Uintas
A few weeks ago I had the chance to go camping in the Uinta Mountains with some friends. I had never been so I jumped at the opportunity. We were planning on camping at Mirror Lake but ended up just heading down the road a couple miles to Butterfly Lake. The group was great. I mostly went with friends I knew but there happened to be some people I got to know for the first time there. Overall it was a great little trip. I plan on heading back there soon. It's nice that there are such majestic mountains only an hour or so away from Salt Lake. While on the drive there my buddy Bob coined the term, "easy vista". We used it throughout the remainder of the trip. I liked it so much I just keep using it. Whenever you see a spectacular view or "vista" and it happens to be "easy" on the eyes... go ahead and use it. It's perfect.

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