Farewell For Now

Spending the last couple months in Alberta had a lot of ups and downs. I'm glad I was able to head up and help my Dad with his company, and that I was able to take such an extended amount of time off from my regular job in Salt Lake but overall it will be nice to get back to regular life. Its been great hiking and doing some fun things in between measuring and estimating roofs, working with insurance adjusters, and dealing with so many people needing their roof repaired after the hail storm, but I'm glad its over for now. Here is a picture of my office. I took over the kitchen table (thanks Mom). I had about 60 proposals I was working on at the height of things. Crazy. The second picture is of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Boulder Valley, Montana that I took on the drive back down to Salt Lake. 

Never thought I would say this but I think the time away from SLC made me like it more. Crazy.

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