Stoney Indian Pass

This hike was one of my favorite of all time. From start to finish it was magical. We got great weather, we ate like kings, and we didn't kill ourselves with our pace. We took it all in. With easy vistas like these you gotta. Scott, Brett, and Amy were perfect backpacking companions. I had never gone through the Belly River Valley towards Stoney Indian Pass but had wanted to for several years after seeing some of Scott and Cody's pictures. Next time I plan on going all the way past Cosley Lake, up through the Stoney Indian Pass and over into Waterton National Park. I honestly can't wait to get back there. Glacier National Park was already my favorite NP in the US and this hike I think solidified it for good. *All pics were taken with the iPhone 4s. Kinda wish I brought my Canon but these hold up pretty good I think.

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