Ted & Maggie Davis Wedding

Its a pretty sweet thing when two good friends decide to tie the knot. In the case of Ted and Maggie, their wedding couldn't have brought a better group of people from all over the country. It was a killer weekend not only because of the occasion but because of the quality of people that gathered for it. Ted and I were roommates in Hawaii while going to school, I got to know Maggie and her roommates during one of my last semesters out there and when the two of them started dating it was great seeing two great people start something special. The first pic is of Maki and Cheka (flew in from Hawaii) and their kid along with Ian (flew in from Florida) and Matt (flew in from New York) along with Christina and myself as we all met up at the City Creek Center. Second picture is of the guy get together bachelor party thing. I won't name everyone but it was fun meeting up at my house and walking around downtown Salt Lake on our way to dinner. The third picture is of all the roommates together minus Cory Simons. We all lived in the Goathouse together on the point in Laie. There were some good times back then. I'll never live in a house with a better view of the beach. I miss those days. Fourth picture is of the lovely couple with all our friends from Hawaii gathered around. I wish I had it in better quality but with iPhone and low lighting its the best we got. Last but not least we have a picture of Evan Fa doing what he does best... laugh and joke. He found a the stuffed animal dog pretty amusing. This was one of the best weekends I can remember. I still can't believe how many people came from all over to make it so good. Friends are so good.

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