Warby Parker Glasses
Warby Parker - Roosevelt
So I've been lucky enough to have good eyesight my whole life. Until recently. Over the past year or so I had been noticing a lot of strain on my eyes whenever I read or was in front of the computer. People would often mention how red my eyes were. Because of this I decided to go to the eye doctor and see what was up. The consensus was that I had a slight problem and needed glasses for when I took part in the aforementioned tasks. Crap. I started to look around for glasses, and found a company called Warby Parker. They are new and have a neat business plan. They let you order up to 5 glasses online that they send you in a nice box so you can try them on. Then you send em back and order whichever one you liked best. Free of charge. I ended up getting the "Roosevelt". The neat thing about this company is that they are radical on several levels. One is the fact that when you make a purchase they hook someone in need up with new glasses. Sorta like a TOMS shoe thing. Plus, at the time they didn't ship to Hawaii so we worked out a deal where they let me get them sent to my sister Laurel's home on the mainland before she came out to Hawaii for Christmas Break. How nice is that? Laurel is a real swell gal. Take a look at the Warby Parker site here! By the way they were only 95 bucks, thats including the prescription lenses.


Anonymous said...

Wearing glasses sucks but then we get used to them. I wear glasses since I was twelve so now I want to try contacts lenses.
Happy Tuesday :)

stef j. said...

i think i just fell in love... i already want at least half-a-dozen of them.