Carthew-Alderson Trail in Waterton National Park
Alberta Wildflowers on the Summit hike in Waterton
Glacier Sledding with Amy
The Summit Hike in Waterton National Park
I had a chance to do some hiking this summer. This was one of them. The summit hike has the best view you could ask for in all of Waterton and Glacier National Parks. Amy and I got on some plastic bags and slid down the glacier you see behind the two of us in the second picture. It was quite the rush. I look forward to getting back out to Canada this summer for a family reunion and to do some more hikes. Check out Amy's blog here. Click on these links [1] [2] for some more info on the hikes.


Unknown said...

Wow. Talk about a great view!

Marilee said...

I LOVE the first picture. I'm going to steal ok?

Reed Fredette said...

Great photos. You and your blog are awesome!

Erin Jane said...

I agree with REED FREDETTE! HA. But seriously, these photos are really rad!

Meg said...

Great blog! Tons of awesome music and I just LOVE these photos. Adding Waterton National Park to my must-visit list for sure.