Don't Get Bit By A Centipede
Centipede, Hawaii
That thing above what you are currently reading bit my right pointer finger on Saturday and made my hand look like this. (Look at the difference. Dear Heavens. It was even worse in real life)
Centipede Bite
I was picking up some 2X4's that were in some tall grass in front of my house to start working on a little project and out of nowhere I get a sharp pain in my hand. I immediately fling my hand down to see what bit me and lo and behold it was a Centipede bite. I had two bite marks on my pointer finger. It even made me bleed. It didn't stop me from working that afternoon but it sure got fat and swollen. I had a few good friends make some wise cracks about it later that night. I have to admit I looked obese if you were only looking at my right hand. I survived and now the internets knows about it.


Amy Carlston said...

sick!! glad you survived it.. & bummed i couldn't witness your obese hand in person. haha

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're well now. Your hand looked really swollen...that thing is really poisonous!

Marilee said...

ooo, oh yah, don't get obese, fat hands are not attractive!

Marilou said...

Hey Clark!

All the years I lived in Hawaii I never got bit by a centipede but I sure saw a lot of them. Especially when we lived in Kalama Valley in Hawaii-kai.
I always thought those were deadly kind of bites. Guess not eh?
And one more thing Clark. Funny thing. The next time I see you we have got to hold our hands out together because our fingers lay the exact same way. Lol! I think it comes from the Budge side of the family or perhaps the Peterson side.