Tarp Surfing

My buddy Devin has made another video. It features pretty much all my friends out here in Hawaii. Things to look for: Manny on his blue motorcycle towing people in, Nick and his slick shades, Andy being Andy, and Lisa in the opening shots. I'm pretty sure this video is going to blow up like a few of Devin's other ones. Taylor started a wooden eyewear company called Proof. Check out their site here. Jace is about to get his longboards in Costco pretty soon (which is pretty rad), especially since the company just started this year. Check out his temporary website here. I have fun friends. This video documents that fact.

I retired from skateboarding back in 7th grade, so I opted out of the video shoot. ha, no but yeah.

P.S. I can't stand the song. It makes me cringe, there I said it. Had to get that off my chest.


Marilee said...

Is that Seek's wife on the home page for Jaseboards?
Tarp surfing. I think your friends are really onto something. Yah, cool video, not so cool music. Sorry Devin.

kylie said...

dats my SISSSSS

Unknown said...

cahoon. i need to come visit when something like this is going down. rad. minus the sound.