Walking Salem Non-Profit Organization
Desert View 3 - Eilat Mountains
Photo by Avi Morag (click on the picture to see his photostream on Flickr)

Some buddies and I are starting a Non-Profit Organization that will help connect Israeli and Palestinian youth through a wilderness survival program based off of Bedouin survival techniques and culture. (These people have lived in the harshest of deserts for centuries) It is somewhat of a combination of Anasazi and PeacePlayers. Click on the links to find out more about those two incredible organizations. We are entering the Dell Social Innovation contest to try and get funding for the start up costs. I hate mass emails and messages but I made an exception since this project has so much potential to do good and now I'm taking it to my web log. Holy Smokes. If there is anyway you can help by voting or spreading the word, whether by mouth or by the internet, it would be much appreciated. Follow these simple steps to vote:

Step 1: Go To - http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com/

Step 2: Register – Registering is a two step 30 second process.
It’s on the right side of the webpage that says: Register Now>

Step 3: Login and search – Walking Salem than click VOTE!
(The search bar is in the top right corner of the page)

If you have a minute and want to press the little facebook icon on the Dell website to share with friends, feel free to go ahead and do that too. It goes a long way. Your help and support is much appreciated. Time is precious and I know this takes a couple minutes out of your day but it means a lot. Mahalo and have the best weekend ever!

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