Hau'ula Bowls
Took this picture after coming back from town at about 6:30 in the morning. That's right, I was returning at 6:30AM (means we took off at 4:30AM). I took my roommate to town so he could be a star(or an extra) in Hawaii 5-0. Grant sold his vehicle over the weekend and was in a bind, he was generous and paid for gas. Look out for the episode when some dude jumps off a balcony by a pool and when people are dressed up in costumes. I guess he was shooting that episode or something... Back to the picture. I have been wanting to take a picture of this tree with fishing net floats hanging from it for several months now. Finally pulled the trigger on it when I saw how nice the clouds looked early in the morning as its backdrop. I knew it was going to have to be taken early in the morning and this pic proves it. The sun rises over the East side of Oahu perfectly. I'll take a picture on a better camera other than my phone sometime in the future. Anyways... I'm no photographer but this tree needed to be shot. (Location: It's just before 7-11 in Hau'ula near the beachpark at a surf spot called Hau'ula bowls)


Michelle Joyce said...

Oookay. The entire time I was there I wanted to take a picture of this tree. I'm glad you finally did it though! But I'm still bitter.

kylie said...

thats so ironic because i have been wanting to take a pic of this tree FOREVER and still havent.
i must.

Marilee said...

Never did see this tree, but there is a cool tree at Waimea that has all kinds of things hanging from it.