I had several friends recently return from the Island Nation of Tuvalu. We are a part of an organization called SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) that works on projects that help our community and even branches off to distant lands such as Tuvalu. I'm working on a different project (which has been radical to be a part of) that I'll write more about in the future but this project has been so neat to see take shape. I could go on and on about the incredible things that were able to be done but here is a short teaser for what will eventually be a mini documentary about their experience with helping teach workshops and donate educational workshops. My buddy Spencer did the videography and put the trailer together. Look for more of his work in the future. He has talent. Here is some more info on the project. My close friend Nate took this picture while there. I rather enjoy it.

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Nathan Williams said...

spencer did such an awesome job with the trailer, i'm excited to see the rest