Incredible Trees

I came across this incredible article about Michael Nichols and his quest to document one of mother nature's most incredible contributions to our natural world. Read this article to hear about this remarkable undertaking and how much time, effort, and expertise went into this image. I have nothing but respect for the work that went into this project. Here is some more info on the National Geographic website.

I was going to post about this a long time ago but a conversation during a pizza baking get together I was invited to by my dear friend Kelliann pushed me to get on it already and make the post. Brett, if you read this I expect a comment. ha.


amynicole said...

This is incredible! The redwoods are my favorite tree! so breathtaking!

Kelliann said...

lets go climb some trees

Kelliann said...

and also find some good'ol fallen logs.

Unknown said...

A-mazing!!! thanks for posting. hope you dominated your project in chicago, look forward to catching up when i get back