Timelapse Shlimelapse

Jason Isbell- Chicago Promenade by iamclark
The Bean @ Night
On my last night in Chicago I decided to venture off on my own and take a stroll around Millennium Park. It was awesome. Just me, my iPod, and my camera hittin up Chi-Town. I came across an empty bench near the cloud gate bean that I had become quite fond of and decided to relax and people watch (I learned the art of people watching from my dear mother, so thank you Marilee). While there I spotted a nice little hipster couple with their fancy bikes enjoying the lack of wind and cold along with the rest of the park goers and thought I would capture the moment using the timelapse mode on my handy little Canon G9. This is the result.

Nellie was kind enough to help me edit it since I have never really even dabbled with the iMovie program and the result was quite enjoyable. If you ever go to Chicago, do yourself a favor and go to Millennium Park.

Check this link out to see something awesome.


stef j. said...

sweet time lapse! and that lightning video... wow.

Marilee said...