Adventuring in Hawaii Kai

A few weeks ago we rounded up some friends and went off looking for a specific geographical landmark out in the Hawaii Kai area that Chase Carleston found while using google earth. We went on a hike and probably came close but not close enough. We stopped by spitting caves for a bit afterwards to get a little cliff jumping action. The water was quite turbulent. Kinda gnarly.

I'm going to miss going on adventures like this that get put together on a whim and end up being awesome regardless of what happens. Hawaii is perfect for that kind of get together.

Picture 1: The crew before we embarked on the hike
Picture 2: Chase jumping at Spitting Cave in Portlock
Picture 3: The view from the jump with the gang
Picture 4: Sunset at earlier mentioned cliff jumping spot
Picture 5: Jordan Smiling for the camera while driving in Waiamanalo


Kelliann said...

Oh geez... I wish I could've been there

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

It looks like such a beautiful place. Hawaii is my dream. x hivenn

Marilee said...

What was the landmark, the home of the bounty hunter? I can take you there.

Nothing like Hawaii and what makes it even better is that you can always call it home, just like me!