I just moved. WEIRD. I've lived in Hawaii since 2005 (minus going home for some summers and even taking a couple semesters off). It has been the greatest place to live and get an education. The best part about Hawaii has been the incredible people I have been able to associate with. Seriously the best of friends have been made while living on that small and secluded rock out in the Pacific.

The first picture was taken at the airport when I arrived for the first time to go to school. I was lucky to have a few incredible friends already living there to greet me. Emily, Seth, Robin, and Becky made my first semester in a far away land super easy. I was instantly plugged into their scene and the rest was history. GOOD TIMES INDEED.

The second picture was taken yesterday about an hour before I left to the airport. It was great to get a bite to eat at the Kahuku Grill and visit with a few friends before embarking on another adventure; this time instead of beaches and waves there will be lakes and mountains. I don't know when I'll ever live in Hawaii again but I know I'll be back. I just gotta make a pit stop on the mainland for a bit. Cheers.

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Marilee said...

I hope they sang, Aloha Oe to you Clark! It has got to be one of the coolest things ever.