17 Years - Ratatat by MonFineis
Yesterday I flew into Calgary just in time to see Ratatat perform live with my friends Maya and Jeff. I hadn't seen them perform live since 2006 when they played at the Troubador in Los Angeles. I went to that show by myself right after work; this time it was nice to have some company to enjoy the show with.

Some people don't get Ratatat. That's fine. I like how they don't have vocals and make crazy beats with crazy a crazy amount of guitar layers. The coolest thing about seeing them live other than the music itself is the weird video programming they have going on along with a crazy light show. They will have videos of birds, people dancing, people playing the cello dressed like they were from the 18 century, movie clips of people breaking windows with bats and punching things, weird designs, and whatever else you can imagine. Their video for the songs Shempi & Drugs will creep you out. Hands down they pick the most awkward videos to put their music to. Very avant-garde.

Here is a link to a little promo video to get you better aquatinted with the band if you're not already. I posted the video they made for the song Mirando because it's awesome. When you combine clips from the movie Predator and sync it with Ratatat music, you're gonna win every time. Enjoy.

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