Sabbath Bears

After church last Sunday I drove up the road to Cameron Lake in Waterton and decided to pull off on the side and take a short nap. I was awoken by a noise coming from the side of my truck and looked up only to see two small black bear cubs wandering towards me. I quickly grabbed my camera just in time to see the momma bear rollin up too. I saw and watched as they went right around me and onto a small patch of grass by the road to start their ritual of food finding. It was pretty neat. As I turned around, I opened my door to get a better picture (the bears were plenty far away) only to find a lone straggler who had been hanging out on the opposite side of the truck rubbing up against the bed of the truck. It was the bear that had originally woken me up. It was a lot lighter than the other cubs and was much more playful.

Word on the street is that triplet bear cubs are pretty rare so I was quite happy to have had about a half an hour to just sit in my truck and observe. At one point the cubs had a little tussle that was broken up by their mother. Later on towards the end of my observation the momma and two cubs went on the other side of the road to keep eating the grub in the grass. One of the bears stayed back on the other side minding its own business until its kind mother got up on her hind legs and looked over in its direction. The other bear immediately ran over to the other side and started to eat with the others. It was pretty neat to see how the interaction was so similar to us humans; very fascinating.

Seeing bears happens all the time in Waterton, especially on the way to Red Rock Canyon and Cameron Lake but it's still quite impressive to behold the wildlife regardless.

On a side note: I'm here all summer, if anyone wants to get away and check out the Canadian Rockies... let me know. I'll be your tour guide. My Mom loves company and I wouldn't mind showing off the wildlife that surrounds me out here. I've had the chance to bring two groups of friends on road trips up here the past two summers and nobody has left our homestead in Canada unsatisfied. I'll post a couple videos Mike Schoneman made about our travels last summer. I'll use them as advertising to help ya'll out with your decision. Ha.

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