Barn Wood

Aloha Sunday is a little surf shop in San Diego. I've never been there but next time in SD you better believe I'll be stopping by. I like how they took some old barn wood and reused it in their store. I'm actually helping my dear mother out with a project using some old wood from my great grandfathers barn that is just around the corner at the old homestead. My grandfather actually finished part of his basement back in the 60's with barnwood and it still exists to this very day. I guess you can say reusing barn wood runs in the family... or something like that.

Grant, if you're reading this, I hope you pay attention and notice the guys hitting up the Oregon coast for a surf session. You should make that a reality this summer while you're home. Looks pretty cold though.

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T.RIPPY said...

First of all, so envious of the bear encounter...that's really quite special. Secondly, you best be paying a visit to San Diego soon. A friend of a friend knows Kahana Kalama, the shop is exciting.