We found this little guy on the road about a week ago. He was unable to fly having just left his nest. With none of his friends or parents around we decided to help him out and take him home. Usually we don't take in wild animals or get involved in their lives but there are a lot of coyotes and badgers out there and we wanted to give him a good shot at growing up. We have a large cage in our garage that he has been staying in and we take him out and do flying exercises with him to help build the strength in his wings. We've identified him as a Swainson's Hawk. Find out more about them here. Quite an impressive bird if I do say so myself. It's been neat to see his growth over the past several days. We've been feeding him and getting him aquatinted with his surroundings. We will be letting him go in a the next couple days I suspect.

I named him Mordecai due to his resemblance to another bird of prey featured in one of my favorite movies. If you can honestly name the movie I'm talking about I'll send you a post card from Waterton National Park. This is no gimmick. Just write your answer in the comment section and email me your address and you'll have yourself a nice new post card I know you'll enjoy. You have to be honest and can't peek at the other comments. I'll give you a hint: Think German Christmas Trees. You can find my email address in the information section of this here web log. I've never done something like this before so we will see who responds. I expect maybe one or two responses, one being my mother and perhaps one other person. Surprise me... I dare ya. I'll send a postcard to anywhere so don't hesitate.


melange muse said...

I still think it is pretty ridiculously awesome that you have Mordecai right now. He is beautiful.
I know the answer but we also kind of talked about it last night so maybe it is cheating? I did watch that movie pretty recently so I would know the answer anyway though. But I will let someone else guess and not give it away. If no one does respond I will tell you the answer and take that post card!

girluntitled said...

the royal tenenbaums..DUUUUUUR!! now where's my post card??

Unknown said...

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. It is like, really really cool. I thought it was cool that we got to hold a hummingbird this summer, but this cool beats that cool by a big cool blue sea.

(The Royal Tenenbaums) postcard please. Zach says make it a hard one next time.

Marilee said...

Oh yah, I'm responding, but I have no idea what the movie is. Fun idea!