Staying in Los Angeles was great for a number of reasons; reconnecting with old friends, going to my High School reunion, The Getty Museum, Jimmy Kimmel Live, etc. etc. But one really neat thing about the timing of the trip was the ability for me to catch up with some friends who happened to be "passing through the area".

My friend Tayt decided he wanted to ride his bike from Canada to Mexico, so he did just that. He is doing it to raise awareness for Depression. Click HERE to get the whole scoop and check out his blog (which is nicely done and neat to read). His sister Jasmine happened to join up with him in San Francisco and finish the trip with him as well so it quickly turned into a bit of a party as we met at the Santa Monica Pier. Our families have been connected for several years. I went to school with their older brother Jon, out in Hawaii. My sister Michelle was best buds with Tayt in High School (still are), and I've perused around Waterton National Park on hikes and other adventures with Max and Karli over the years. The family is dynamic, so it makes sense some of them would decide to ride 80 to 100 miles a day on bike, trekking across the western united states.

Tayt and Jasmine are finishing up their trip today as they cross the border into Mexico. They will have a little bit of well deserved R&R in San Diego before meeting up with their siblings just outside of Las Vegas at Red Rocks to do some climbing. Seriously click on the link below to read more about Tayt's adventures.

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