Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving. I took it pretty easy. Called my fam, went for a little surf, had dinner with the Hannemann Family, played some barefoot soccer, met up with the roommates and had another dinner (big thanks to Ted and Lindsay for heading things up and Trent for cooking the 4 turkeys in the imu). Thankful for the best of friends and raddest family.

Pic 1: Dr. Ian Patton and yours truly
Pic 2: Enjoying one another's company
Pic 3: House pic taken before Roger (He's the one with the teal shirt) left for the mainland. There is a lot going on in this pic, I know. It got weird when we all put on button up shirts and moved part of the couch outside the house but things needed to be documented.
Pic 4: The feast brought to you by Ted, Trent, & Lindz

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