BANZAI PIPELINE from the iPhone 4s

Today I camped out at the Billabong Pipeline Masters. I'm not gonna lie, I've never been more excited to be at a surf competition before in my life. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of huge crowds at the beach but today was quite the experience. John John Florence had one of the most incredible heats I've ever seen, pulling off a perfect 10 in the process. The first picture is a shot I got using my iPhone 4s as he was emerging from a deep barrel. Turned out pretty neat I think.

The second picture is of Seth, Evan and myself. We were all roommates when I first got out to Hawaii in 2005. Seth now has two kids (Sol & Coco) and Evan was in town for a visit. It was quite enjoyable to just sit in the shade by the stairs next to the Volcom House and watch all the action.

The third picture is a panorama taken using Photosynth as I was kicking it with Kellinann and her crew. It was a perfect day (weather and a nice NW swell).

All these were taken with the iPhone 4s. Makes a non-photographer goon like myself look like I know what I'm doing. Thanks technology.


Neesh said...

such a fan of the first photo.
love love love.

Brit. said...

you forgot the best pic of all!!