Come Hell or High Water

I haven't seen the film yet but judging by the trailer I feel confident I'll like it. One of the greatest things about living in Hawaii is the opportunity that it allows me to bodysurf. I can't think of anything I enjoy more than heading to Waimea or especially Pounders and finding a small group of friends there bodysurfing the shore break. Pounders if my go to because it's so close and consistienly has wind driven waves, Waimea is less frequented but affords an incredible situation not duplicated anywhere else when it has the right conditions. When this film gets a distributor I'm going to for sure make the purchase.

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Bart said...

I had the opportunity to attend the north shore premiere of it last week and let me assure you it was mind blowing. The cinematography blew me away and the music was exceptional as well. I was hoping it would include some pounders footage but regardless it was still great.