Cheers to a New Year and a New Location

So 2011 was cool. 2012 will be neat and interesting. I'm already way out of my comfort zone. Cheers to a new year and an awkward new location. Luckily this new location is filled with good, solid, and familiar friends and boat loads of opportunity.

Picture 1: Sunset view from the house.
Picture 2: Waterton was windy and wild and quite cold. There were actual waves on the lake and ice nuggets. Crazy. It's amazing what canadian weather and a couple months can do to a place.
Picture 3: I don't remember the last time I got to spend New Years with Brad, Laurel, and Michelle. It almost happened last year but Laurel had to peace out early. Glad we could all be together for at least part of the night. I have the greatest siblings.
Picture 4: Hitting the road (HWY 89 in Montana) in a vehicle packed with most everything I need to start over in a new city with a new job and with a lot colder weather.


Marilou said...

You'll do great Clark. I just know it. Change is good so they say.......the awkwardness will wear off soon enough.

Marilee said...

Cool pics Clark. Ice nuggets?

Leah Pearl said...

Clark! It was so nice to see you in Waterton. take care of yourself out there!