The National-About Today & Start A War

#40.3 - The National - Start a war by lablogotheque
I watched a movie with my family a few nights ago that I really didn't think would be that good. I'm not into MMA jazz but I got over my preconceived notions of what the film would be like as soon as the opening scene had music by The National set behind it. From that moment on I was a fan of the movie until the very end. The video above is a live version of Start a War. Classic song. The movie went out with a bang set to another song by said band with the song being tweaked a bit from its album version. The end scene was not only incredibly climatic but quite motivational as well. The bar below should have the play button pressed and be listened to in its entirety. If you haven't seen the movie Warrior you should. It's not as meaty and tool baggish as you would think, in fact it's sorta masterpiece-ish. Incredible considering its about dudes with no necks wearing tapout shirts and fighting people in a cage. Go figure.

Seriously listen to the whole song. If you don't you should leave your computer and feel bad about it until you do. No guilt. Sike. Feel bad.


Anonymous said...

When I saw warrior Clark I started wearing tap out clothing and I love it! Not douchy at all. The rhinestones on a lot of my shirts sparkle and the ladies love that.
- jimmy v

Anonymous said...

i listened to the whole song twice, may/may not be gearing up for a third go around, and don't even feel the least bit bad. sooo....