Refused, finally

In high school these guys were all you needed in terms of heavy rock 'n roll. They broke up in late 1998 after coming out with a groundbreaking record. I was always way bummed that I never got a chance to see them live but all that changed about a week or so ago. After all these years the band from Umea, Sweden decided to get back together and finish things off right by touring one last time. I almost went to Coachella just to see them but decided against it (crowds didn't seem worth it). Then I almost booked a ticket and flew to New York in July to see them but luckily I didn't because that show was actually cancelled.

Everything came together when I just happened to be only a few hours away when they came through calgary. I was front and center, something I've haven't done at a show for a long time. It was so good. Hearing and seeing them live was just what my summer needed. If you haven't heard of these guys, thats fine. Most likely you've listened to a band that was heavily influenced by them. I think that's where their legacy lives. No joke. These guys left their mark before breaking up abruptly. Its nice they get to add to it and have decided to share it with the rest of us. I just geeked out on this but I don't care. This show meant a lot.

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