Roof Time

About three days after I got home from taking my friends up to Canada I got in my pickup truck and headed back up there. In late july there was a pretty heavy duty hail storm in the town my family lives just outside of which took everyone off guard. Especially my dad who had slowly got his roof company off the ground and was easing into bumping up production. All that turned into a tailspin when over 1,500 roofs all of a sudden needed to be repaired. Since I helped my dad out in California doing sales and estimates I decided to come up and help for a bit. I was lucky enough to have a boss back in Salt Lake that was gracious enough to let me come up and help out for a month or so and take a leave of absence. So far things have been busy and stressful. I'm getting used to working with insurance adjusters in coming up with proposals and bids for work. It's way more involved than what we were doing back in Thousand Oaks but its nice to be out of the office and out and about talking with people, working with them on getting a new roof, jumping up on roofs, measuring, etc. Overall its just nice being back home with my family where my dear mother makes me meals and I have a little bit of time after work to walk around the surrounding hills creeks.

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