I hadn't been to Yosemite since I was a kid so this little weekend trip was a bit overdue. I couldn't pass up a weekend hanging out in a campsite in the valley with several good friends I grew up with back in Newbury Park. I could talk your ear off about this place and how enjoyable it was. A few things I'll touch on briefly: We ate like kings (honestly ate more than I do at home thanks to Rob and Brian getting fanatical at Costco and stalking up two full size coolers), we didn't hike half dome but it will be done next time in the not too distant future, we found a great swimming hole off the beaten path on the Merced River and it didn't disappoint, the company was great and so was the weather. What more could a guy ask for?

*I would break down each picture but I won't get into it here. Shoot me a message or an email if you have a question. All pics were taken with my trusty iphone. I've been bad at bringing my G9 around with me since my phone is so convenient and produces pretty decent quality pictures. 

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