Mexico- From Where You'd Rather Be

I don't drink alcohol but I sure like this video. I find some of the best videos/commercials/advertising are all done by companies trying to hawk their alcoholic beverages. While they don't get me to buy into their product, I sure do respect their work from time to time. This video has a great feel to it. I haven't been to Mexico in years... but this video makes me want to start planning my next trip. It was filmed by Taylor Steele, the guy produces incredible films. Enjoy. My dear friend Elle first introduced this video to me. She is now in winter-locked and freezing cold Siberia, quite a contrast from sunny south of the border Mexico.

I really really like Cream Soda... so I just think of Cream Soda every time I see a bottle or a carton in the video. It makes it the video even that much more better. (mo betta)

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Unknown said...

jon swift. great tune.