Chinatown & First Friday
Last week a group of us went down to Chinatown to check out the festivities that go on there every first Friday of every month. Chase, Manny, and Nellie sat in the back of my truck on the way down there. The first pic is of Chase enjoying the view with the Windward mountains as a nice backdrop. Second pic is of the historic Hawaii Theater. Eighth and final pic is a part of the gang who made it down to town for the fun. It was a great way to spend a Friday night and get away from the sleepy town of Laie. (Don't get me wrong, I prefer Laie to Honolulu all day long, it's just nice to get out a bit every once and awhile) I'm already pumped to go next month.

I'm off to the airport in a couple hours to head out to Southern California to see Michael P. Schoneman & Bethany Speed tie the knot. I'm stoked out of my mind for a little mainland visit. I'll be heading north on a little road trip with some upstanding individuals to meet up with my brother and two sisters going to school in Utah. Found out Mark & Marilee are coming down for a little visit too. They are bringing my 15 year old brother Neal, so it's bound to be a good time. Cahoon Reunions always are. Adios to Oahu till the 27th.

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Marilou said...

Hey Clark, thanks for the Chinatown pics. They were fun to look at. It really isn't the nicest place on earth but one of the most interesting!
A ride in the back of your truck in the open air in Hawaii would feel so cool except I am a bit of a worry wart and would need a seat belt!

Mark and Marilee...aka...Mom and Dad.