Mike & Bethany Schoneman
Mike & Bethany
wedding party.
Pehrson & I as Mike's groomsman
Baby Beck. Product of Pehrson & Kate
Made a trip out to California to be a part of Mike & Bethany Schoneman's wedding. Had an incredible time down in San Diego partaking of the festivities. Mike and I were roommates out in Hawaii and roadtrip buddies this past summer. I'm so pumped for him and his new wife. Great people. I had the pleasure of driving down to San Diego with Pehrson Hawkley and his incredible wife Kate. Not to mention their new addition to the family: little baby Beck. Him and I bonded over the weekend. It was great. Getting back out to California was so overdue. It had been too long. The highlights were reconnecting with friends after an extended period of time apart. Such a good weekend. Pic 1: Mike, Pic 2: Mike & Bethany, Pic 3: The groomsman & the new dynamic duo, Pic 4: Pehrson & I, Pic 5: Baby Beck doin' his thing.

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Marilee said...

I have to say that these wedding photos are pretty cool indeed. Hey Mike, congratulations. I am still keeping my eyeballs open for your indian beaded belt. Do or die, Clark and I are here for you.