Chicago Part II
From Willis/Sears Tower
Outside of Giordano's
View from Navy Pier

Navy Pier
Random Chicago Ally
Crown Fountain @ Night
Girl & The Goat
Chicago River
The group
Bulls Game

Currently on a layover on the way back to Hawaii. I found some internet so I thought I would make a quick post. Here is the rest of Chicago. I'm glad I brought my camera because this city was fun to document.

Picture 1: View from the Willis/Sears Tower.
Picture 2: The City outside of Giordano's (some great deep dish pizza).
Picture 3: City skyline from Navy Pier with Alice and Phil.
Picture 4: I was lucky enough to meet up with an old buddy from High School who happens to live out here.
Picture 5: Lake Michigan @ Navy Pier.
Picture 6: A neat looking ally.
Picture 7: Crown Fountain in Blue from the ground.
Picture 8: We ate a tremendous meal at a little place called Girl & The Goat. Dr. Bimes was looking forward to eating here and at Avec more than participating in the conference. After eating the food, I get it now.
Picture 9: Chicago River.
Picture 10: The gang after Rand presenting his research.
Picture 11: I was able to go to a Chicago Bulls game. So glad I went and the company was great as well.


meredith c. said...

good good good stuff, crc.

Amy Carlston said...

rad photos kiddo.