One of the things I have become slightly obsessed with over the past few years is the design of small eco friendly living spaces. Whether it's homes built out of shipping containers, various new construction methods, or traditionally built homes, I have become interested in learning about them. I came across this video on a one of the news websites I frequent and thought I would post it. Pretty interesting stuff. I don't love every part of this building but it has a few features that are really impressive. Plus the dude giving the tour seems like a nice guy. Here is a link to their website for more info.

I'll post more on this tiny house movement I am so interested in in the future. There is a lot of really neat stuff out there.


meredith c. said...

im also so so interested in this movement, and really to just smaller communities and sustainability it general. also, i hate you and your new picture. IS THAT EVEN REAL?

melange muse said...

i like this movement.