Southern California

I grew up my whole life in Southern California (age 5 to 25). Not too far from Los Angeles and all it had to offer, not too far from the beach and waves, not too far from the desert and mountains and its fresh air, not too bad of a place to be raised. I haven't spent much time in California over the past few years. Going to school in Hawaii and having your family relocate to Canada makes it more difficult to keep in touch with you roots; it sill doesn't change how dynamic a place is or what it's worth to you. I really enjoy this little video that showcases just a bit of what makes Southern California such a sought after place with so much to offer.

I know, I know... There is a lot of traffic and the San Fernando Valley isn't that cool but California is a great place. Cheers to a visit there in about a month or so.

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meredith c. said...

yeah! i am excited for your visit, c!