A couple years ago I took this picture of a snowflake that landed on my jacket while sledding in Waterton National Park with some friends. This video made me gain a lot of respect for snowflakes. I didn't know there had to be such specific circumstances for these things to be created. Pretty incredible.


Wayfarer- The Holly & The Ivy

I like this new Christmas song. I think it is tastefully done and sounds great. Give it a whirl. I put a post up about these guys almost a year ago. You can check that out here. If you would like more info on the band feel free to check out their site by clicking here as well.


Christmas Outtakes

So these two pics are a bit random. The top one is a recreation of a picture taken several years ago. It needed to be recreated for the sole purpose of a calendar given as a gift in a gift exchange. Damien (bottom with the big smile) had Phil and wanted to make it funny (he is way into jokes) so we helped out and got pretty darn close to the original. The second picture is one Willi took at her and Emily's Christmas party. From this angle it looks like there are only gals and me at this party. Pretty good. I had just opened up gift from Alexa. She nailed it perfectly with some specialty beverages and some popcorn. I've already had the orange cream soda and it was a winner. Merry Christmas.


Paul Klein- I'll Be Home For Christmas

I don't really know anything about this musician but I dig this song. Merry Christmas.


Ryan Adams- Fix It

I've already posted this song but I don't care.


Siblings Singing.

I post this song every December. Sorry, kinda. This is my Brother and Sister singing their rendition of Do You Hear What I Hear. I really like it and I hope you do to. Send me an email (clarkcahoon@gmail[dot]com) if you want me to send you the MP3.


Happy Birthday Michelle

Today was my little sister's Birthday. Way to go Michelle. She may just be a 22 year old but with her being the only married kid in the family she sure seems to be all grown up. It was fun spending part of the afternoon with her and my brother Bradley. Having family around will never get old... especially after living on an island for almost 7 years. PS If you ever get a chance to eat at Goumandise The Bakery, in Salt Lake City... I recommend getting an Almond Horn. Just do it.

The Honey Trees- Moon River



I have been meaning to post this since I first saw it several months ago. I like what this guy is doing. I'm pretty sure I could do it if I found the right piece of land just outside the border of Glacier National Park in Montana. Somewhere near Whitefish or something would be ideal. I'll keep you posted on that.

The Cathederal of the Madeleine

Had a chance to visit The Cathedral of the Madeleine in downtown Salt Lake to see the Utah Children's Choir perform some Christmas music. There was a pretty big group of friends who showed up... probably around 30 of us. It was a great way to kick off the holidays.


Alberta- Summer 2012

Since its now winter I thought I would take a step back to how incredible summer was with this little reminder video. I'm grateful I had a chance to spend so much time in Alberta this summer even though I really didn't plan on it. Its nice to see so many familiar places I was able to personally visit this summer featured in this short video. Alberta is a pretty magical place.


The Christmas Tree Lot

As a house we went and got a tree. In the first pic you can see Sam acting as protector of the tree after we finally all decided on the same one but had to get assistance since there was no price tag on it. Sam spotted it. She gets all the credit. The second picture is us showing off our fine prospect. We even got a deal and stayed within budget. Success.


Mineral- Gloria

This was one of my favorite bands in high school. It'll never get old. Look into them.


View From The Kitchen

I like being able to walk through the door of my house and hear rock n roll music being played. This is what you get when you have three friends, from three different bands start randomly jamming in the dining room. Regal Beast, Jacket Weather, and Shark Speed. You take all of them together and come up with a totally new band called Beast Speed Weather.


El Ten Eleven

Saw these guys live and it blew my mind. They loop everything and build each song live before your eyes and ears. Nothing is pre recorded. Not even the drum beats. It was incredible. Get into these guys.


Best of Jay Onrait

This post is for my buddy Grant Monson. He went to Canada a couple of summers ago and decided that he couldn't ever live there because their ESPN sports center is different from the United States. I don't think he saw this guy when he was up there because I feel like the two of them have the same type of humor. These clips had me rolling. Some more than others but overall this guy is a crack up.

Library Card

I walked to the library in Salt Lake and got myself a card finally. I've been meaning to do it for quite some time now (I live two blocks south, so their is no excuse not to) but it feels good to have it in my possession. I snapped this blurry picture on my way home while still on the library grounds. PS The library in Salt Lake is one of the most unique and architecturally stunning buildings in Utah. Maybe instead of a blurry picture I'll post one of the building instead next time.



Industrial Design Day

I had the opportunity to help my buddy Ryan Jung out with a project he was working on. I drove down after work to pick Ian up since he was in town for Ted's wedding and we got tied into the project Ryan was doing for his Industrial Design program at BYU. I really wish I could go back in time and make this my major. It doesn't seem like school work when you're in the wood shop drilling bases for lamps and using a laser tool to cut out lamp shades. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to study this stuff. For now I'll just live through Ryan and a few other friends who have studied in the same program. I'll post a picture of the lamp at a later date. I reserved mine out of the total of 15 that were produced and I'm glad I did. His lamp design was a hot commodity and due to demand they had to produce anther set of them.


Leaves Joke

I raked all the leaves in the front yard the other day. It took me 3 hours but in the end I decided to pile them up in the middle of the walkway and create a barrier that made it a little more difficult to pass. I actually enjoyed raking. I've missed yardwork.


Ted & Maggie Davis Wedding

Its a pretty sweet thing when two good friends decide to tie the knot. In the case of Ted and Maggie, their wedding couldn't have brought a better group of people from all over the country. It was a killer weekend not only because of the occasion but because of the quality of people that gathered for it. Ted and I were roommates in Hawaii while going to school, I got to know Maggie and her roommates during one of my last semesters out there and when the two of them started dating it was great seeing two great people start something special. The first pic is of Maki and Cheka (flew in from Hawaii) and their kid along with Ian (flew in from Florida) and Matt (flew in from New York) along with Christina and myself as we all met up at the City Creek Center. Second picture is of the guy get together bachelor party thing. I won't name everyone but it was fun meeting up at my house and walking around downtown Salt Lake on our way to dinner. The third picture is of all the roommates together minus Cory Simons. We all lived in the Goathouse together on the point in Laie. There were some good times back then. I'll never live in a house with a better view of the beach. I miss those days. Fourth picture is of the lovely couple with all our friends from Hawaii gathered around. I wish I had it in better quality but with iPhone and low lighting its the best we got. Last but not least we have a picture of Evan Fa doing what he does best... laugh and joke. He found a the stuffed animal dog pretty amusing. This was one of the best weekends I can remember. I still can't believe how many people came from all over to make it so good. Friends are so good.

Antelope Island

Took a day trip to Antelope Island on The Great Salt Lake. It was memorable. I probably got a bit too close to that buffalo in the last picture. He was cool with it. Everything was under control.


Music In The Mountains

Last week a friend of a friend invited people up to his cabin for a little music in an event called Music in the Mountains. There were about 5 or 6 people/bands invited to play a couple songs each. It was a great setting. You had to walk a ways up to the cabin, it was snowing, and once you got inside it was cozy and crowded. My buddy Denny is in a band called St. Boheme and they played a great set. Here is a picture of their performance and a video of one of the songs they played that was produced previous to the show. I got a clip on my phone of them performing but I thought this video would do a better job representing what was heard. It was a great evening. Here is a link for St. Boheme.


It Snowed

I live in an attic. It snowed. Here is how it looked with the view out my windows.


Flight Facilities- Clair De Lune

Polar Bear Skull

My buddy Wes is a Polar Bear scientist. That's me holding a skull at a little get together at his house. Cool.




The Civil Wars- Disarm

I like this cover. I love the Smashing Pumpkins.


Laker Game

I was recently lucky enough to see my favorite childhood basketball team play live before my eyes for the first time since I was kid (and since they played in The Great Western Forum). Living several blocks from where an NBA team plays has its perks (Energy Solutions Arena). My brother Bradley was nice enough to treat me to the game. Having grown up in Southern California as big Lakers fans it was good to get out there and support them especially since they were on the road. The Lakers lost but its okay. I like the team the Utah Jazz have put together and for me, just going to the game was fun. I'm not an annoying Laker fan FYI. I'm more of a fan of the game than anything else. All in all it was a good night. PS Its actually pretty weird how many Lakers fans there are in Utah. I was blown away with how many there were at the game. Crazy.


A Place To Gather

I want in on this. Best line: Architecture is frozen music.


Best Studio Apartment Ever

My buddy Tanner has done a great job filling his Studio apartment. I wish I had more pictures to show you but this one will do. Him and Anna just recently got married, (congratulations you two) and the place is spacious enough to accomodate the welcomed addition of another human being. If I ever move from my current home I hope there would be an opening in Tanner's building. The space lends itself to a lot of possibilities.


Dusted- (Into the) Atmosphere